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  • Zazios chef Joe Pearson


    Greenleaf Hospitality Group is committed to selecting and developing world class talent. We are great by choice and as a talent-based organization, your talent and passion drive our company’s success. Our rigorous selection process allows us to find the right talent for our various business units and also match the candidate’s profile to our service culture.
  • Serving at Old Burdick's Bar & Grill


    Greenleaf Hospitality offers a variety of products, but our #1 product is service. The guest experience is extremely important to our company and we send our associates through a variety of service training classes when they begin their journey with our company. These classes provide practical experiences and knowledge for providing personalized guests experiences that can be applied immediately in their respective business unit.
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    Engaging our associates with a competitive compensation package and a variety of associate-focused incentive programs help us retain our talent and cultivate our service culture. Every associate's professional growth and development plan is driven by the associate’s interests. We work with the associate to identify their passion points and gauge their expertise to provide a road map for their development.
  • Chad Tough Foundation charity event


    Greenleaf Hospitality’s strong sense of community both within the organization and its relationship to the Kalamazoo area are symbiotic. A thriving local community means a great environment for our associates to work, live and play as well as grow our business.
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    We support not only green initiatives, we believe in long term investment towards sustainability from a holistic perspective. Greenleaf Hospitality Group embraces the core value of “Treat It Like You Own It”. This illustrates our emphasis on being a good steward of natural resources and work-life balance.